Our engineering consultancy services begin within the initiation phase of a project and our team of experts are available to assist with FEED / feasibility studies. Whether the project requires exploratory or investigative support, our knowledge and experience ensures a high quality service is always provided.

Our route studies and surveys can provide you with the information that is needed to understand what is feasible for any given cargo. From investigating and determining the route to outlining what works need to be carried out, we are able to look at all aspects to be able to move the cargo successfully. Suitable transport arrangements will be identified as well as any pinch points along the route, such as street furniture that will be required to be temporarily removed. We have extensive experience designing and providing bespoke solutions, including custom transporters, bridging solutions, and levee crossings that make an otherwise impassable route possible. 

Exploratory Cargo Studies
Our exploratory studies enable a range of sizes or weights of cargo to be analysed, with a study completed for each. We’re also able to complete modularisation studies to advise on the maximum size of cargo that can be transported through a particular route so that the modules can be built accordingly.

For marine transport, NXGEN are able to provide problem solving solutions with sea fastening design, barging and shipping studies. From determining the most effective port or loadout location to completing ballasting, mooring and fastening calculations.

In addition to supporting transport and marine services, NXGEN are also on hand to complete lifting and rigging studies. Our engineering team are able to independently check studies that have been completed, support and advise internal teams to complete them or take full responsibility for the lifting and rigging studies on behalf of our customers.

Feasibility Studies
When our customers have an item that is difficult to move, we have the expertise to identify the best way of accomplishing the task. Our engineers have extensive experience identifying and evaluating solutions for moving heavy and abnormal loads, from using off the shelf products, to providing bespoke custom designs.

Whether you’re looking for site specific or cargo specific calculations, exploratory or investigative work, for refineries or power plants, our consultancy FEED / feasibility capabilities provide high quality, independent support for each unique project

Our expert team are available to perform third party engineering reviews across a range of calculations. Acting independently from the original designer, NXGEN are able to receive information, designs and studies and perform thorough checks to confirm their accuracy.

Once the brief or drawings have been received, the NXGEN engineering team will complete our own calculations independently from the original designers. This service is available for lifting, rigging and transport arrangements as well as structural engineering checks, across all industry sectors.

We’re dedicated to providing a flexible service and therefore different levels of reviews are available and will be discussed in relation to each individual project.

Within the project initiation phase, our reliable team also provide assistance with commercial reviews. The knowledge and experience within the team enables us to review a budget that has already been set to confirm its accuracy. Alternatively, we’re able to receive the scope of work, build our own activity schedule and associated costs to act as a comparison to our customers’ existing budget.

Once a scheme has been agreed, we’re able to collaborate with our customers to assist in the development of required RFQs. Supporting the commercial process by creating  the packages to be sent to vendors for pricing. This process can be looked after solely by NXGEN, completed in a supporting role, or from a reviewing perspective.

The final offering within our consultancy services is to provide skilled members of the team who act as our clients representative on a project / site. Utilising the knowledge and experience of our employees, we’re able to support on the ground or within an office acting as a project manager or engineer. Working closely with the client, the project managers, site reps and engineers become part of the team and enable them to be the intelligent client. This service is available on a short or long term basis and our reps are able to use their industry specific knowledge to advise, explain and analyse each element to ensure the project runs as efficiently and cost effectively as possible.

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