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NXGEN’s experienced team are able to assist with the layout design of offshore wind facilities and ports. Identifying the appropriate positioning of offshore wind components so that they can be accessed and transported around the site as and when needed. Therefore, avoiding the need to move multiple components to access the required one. In addition, we will ensure that the area used is optimised along with the number of transports necessary, all ensuring the most efficient operation.

Whilst standard solutions might be feasible, our industry knowledge and experience means we know that they don’t necessarily produce the most cost effective result. We’re creative and always maintain a dynamic approach, regardless of the size of the project.

Our studies will analyse the equipment required to handle the components, as well as costs and benefits. We will also consider the effect of environmental factors, such as wind speed, to ensure efficiency within the operation.

The offshore wind industry provides scope for innovative solutions and we’ll work as part of your team to design, support and advise. From load-out studies, to bespoke lifting solutions for nacelles, we’re here to act as the problem solutions. Our capabilities within visualisations and augmented reality strengthen our offering and provide clarity with our approach and methodology.

Setting up a handling facility and heavy lift operation is a time consuming process and one that requires knowledge, experience and attention to detail. The NXGEN team are able to support and guide on each element to ensure a smooth set up operation.

Our support includes writing / helping to write procedures, risk assessments, HSEQ documents, working procedures, method statements, inspections, inspection check lists and O&M manuals, as well as the addition of training if required.

We listen and work as part of your team to deliver flexible solutions, using our expertise to ensure a high quality service is always at our core.

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