weighing & load test services.

±0.1 % FS Accuracy and Fully Traceable.

NXGEN own and operate a range of load cells and weighing systems to support projects globally. Utilising only the most advanced weighing technology, we’re able to provide an accuracy of ±0.1 % FS. With the ability to calculate the weight and also the centre of gravity of the cargo, our weighing systems are available to support projects in any sector.

Our systems have a weighing capacity of 5Te to 1,000Te and the flexibility to create bespoke weighing solutions for each project. All loadcells can be linked through to a single point readout and depending on the work environment for each specific project, NXGEN can also provide wireless connections.

Not only do our systems have an accuracy of ±0.1 % FS, but they are also fully traceable, providing reliability, clarity and confidence to our customers.

industry experience.

Due to our valuable experience in the industry and extensive fleet of equipment, we have a wide range of options to apply to desired loads. By using our load cells, in combination with our hydraulic jacking systems we can lift or apply forces to loads and equipment, completing load test services with achieve highly accurate results.

In addition to some conventional crane lift weighing methods our jacking systems provide us with the flexibility to weigh by jacking up a desired load and using load cells to calculate an exact weight. Alternatively, we can utilise the jacking systems in a different capacity to not lift, but to apply force into a standard or bespoke component to effectively deliver accurate load testing.

These methods are often the preferred and intended methods for weighing and load testing due to the high degree of accuracy and confidence provided. We can apply these techniques in a wide variety of scenarios such as high-capacity pile tests or lifting beam tests. NXGEN’s expert team are able to engineer, project manage and operate the full weighing remit, or alternatively the systems are available on an equipment hire basis.

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